15 Ways to Make Money From Podcasting

There are many ways to make money from podcasting. In this blog post I will be sharing 15 ways to make money from podcasting that can be helpful for you.

Podcasting to me is the best platform where you can build a brand and be your true self at the same time and with the growing number of ways to listen to podcast there’s no better time to start than now.

Also this is my way of celebrating #InternationlPodcastDay since one of the main frustrations of a podcaster is how to monetize their show. We have all been there, myself included so this is why I am creating this post because I know there a new podcaster out who is asking….

“How do I make money from podcasting?”

I also have a special offer at the end of this post so I suggest to read till the end because it will be worth your time.

So here are 15 ways to make money from podcasting. Enjoy!

15 Ways to Make Money From Blogging

1. Ask for donations — Most people are afraid to this but there is nothing wrong to ask for a donation. After all you are putting in the work to produce valuable content to the world. All you need to start is a Paypal donation link. You can put this link on your website, newsletter or your social media platforms

Here’s a sample of my donation page, feel free to make a donation if you wish: http://thetaoofselfconfidence.com/donate/

2. Get Paid to Speak — Yes you can get paid to speak. Since your podcast is specific to a niche or audience, you can get paid for your expertise. At the start, you may have to do it for free to build up your portfolio but it pays off in the end if you know your stuff.

3. Get Paid to Write — As an expert in your field, you can do freelance writing and get paid to write specific articles that would be valuable to your audience.

4. Become an Affiliate for Audible — Did you know you can get paid every time a person signs up for Audible? Yes it’s true, for every new person who signs up you can get a cut and goes straight to your pocket.

5. Become an Affiliate for JVZoo — JVZoo is a website that sells online tools and softwares for your online business. I like using this a lot because every time I refer a tool to someone I get a 20%-75% commission depending on the product or seller. You don’t even have to buy the products to get a commission which is great.

You can sign up here to start your own JVZoo account.

6. Become an Affiliate for Click Bank — Click Bank is similar to JVZoo but they also have products from different niches ranging from health to personal development. Depending on your niche, there are products that you can refer to your audience and if they buy you can get a commission. You also do not have to buy the product in order to get a commission.

My best seller on Click Bank is a podcast software called Audello.

You can sign up here for a Click Bank account.

7. Become an Amazon Affiliate — Did you know you can get paid for referring products to buy from Amazon? The commission isn’t too high but think how many people a day buy something from Amazon. Sometimes the website crashes because it of the high volume of traffic that Amazon receives everyday. As a podcaster, Amazon is a great site since so many people ask me where I get my podcast equipment from and I just send them my Amazon link and once they hit the buy button, money comes in.

You can sign up here for an Amazon Affiliate account.

8. Create Kits — People love kits. Have you seen those Ads on Facebook where you pay a monthly subscription and you get a kits full stuff from bath products to candy. There’s a free site called Kit.comwhere you can create your own kit through Amazon and whatever your audience buys you get a commission. Isn’t that pretty awesome. Depending on your niche, you can either create a monthly subscription fee where you can send a kit of goodies or have a one time fee of kits. The possibilities are endless,

You can check out my podcast gear kit here as a sample.

9. Teach Online — The greatest thing about being a podcaster is that you are always providing great value to your audience and in return you gain their trust. So you can start teaching online and get paid for it. You can create an online classroom that your audience can go to and charge them a one time fee or a monthly fee.

10. Create a Paid Membership Site — Membership sites are pretty awesome. You can create a monthly subscription site where you can give out digital products, have exclusive resources or even create office hours where they have you time to ask questions. Really the possibilities are endless and you can write down some things that you can have on your monthly subscription. If you are in the health and wellness industry you can have exclusive healthy recipes or have videos of exercises that your paid customers can only access.

11. Sell Podcasting Services — As become better and better at podcasting, you can even start providing services to podcasters for a fee. You can charge them to record intros and outros, for editing episodes or even to launch their new show. Podcasting hasn’t really blown up yet but with the growing use of smartphones and apps that are slowly for podcasting, now is the greatest time to start one and start learning the skills that you can use to charge your clients.

12. One on one coaching — This may be a little time consuming but you can charge one on one coaching to your clients based on your niche. There have been many people who have had success in one on one coaching but has also mentioned that it can get time consuming so when you charge a person for a time, make sure its worth your time as well. You can do a monthly fee or a one-time fee.

13. Group Coaching — Group coaching is also a great way to earn money. You can do a live webinar or call every week to a group of your paid clients and you can even upset them to other products that you think would be useful to them. You can do a one-time fee or a monthly fee.

14. Create online courses — Creating online courses are great to sell to your audience. When I first started podcasting, so many people kept on asking me how to start a podcast from scratch and instead of telling each and every person how to create a podcast, I refer them to my online course that they pay a one time fee for. Plus its something you own and can resell as many times as you want. You do the work once but it works for you after that.

You can check my online course here as a sample.

15. Write Ebooks — Writing Ebooks is also a great way to create income as a podcaster. I have seen so many podcasters find success from writing ebooks and selling them to their audience. Since you have so much valuable to give for free from your podcast, your audience will be more likely to pay for the information that you have in your ebooks.

Here’s some ebooks I have for sale on my website.

Now that you have seen 15 ways to make money through podcasting you are probably wondering…

“Where do I start?”

I say pick 2 or 3 methods that will work for you and just take action. The journey will have its ups and downs but it will be worth it in the end.

I also created a book called 101 Ways to Make Money From Podcasting

Yours truly

Sheena Yap Chan

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