Celebrate Every Success

I just finished an interview with a woman on my podcast who decided to quit her successful corporate job to become an entrepreneur.

So when I asked her how she wanted to be introduced in her episode, I asked if “successful corporate marketer turned successful entrepreneur” would work for her.

She then tells me that she’s not successful yet because she is just starting out in her business and I had to remind her that the fact that she decided to leave her job to pursue her purpose is a success itself.

Success is not measured by titles, money, or popularity. Success is measured on how you want to live your life based on your own terms and inspiring others to do the same.

It’s not always easy to leave a job that you have been comfortable with to pursue something on your own into the unknown. It can be scary and it doesn’t help that people around will say you are crazy for leaving something stable especially as an Asian woman.

Few people take that kind of action and wish that they can. If you have been wanting to do this, I am here to tell you that you can do it and yes the unknown can be scary but at the same time the unknown can be a beautiful thing because this is where anything is LITERALLY possible!!!

It starts with a belief that you have what it takes to create the life that you want and that you are worthy of a better life.

Learn to celebrate every success you have in life. The more you celebrate it, the more you will be blessed with it.

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