Meet The Authors From Asian Women Who Boss Up

Many people have been asking me if there is more information about each of the authors from Asian Women Who Boss Up and because you asked, here you go. You can get to know a little about what each lady does before you grab a copy of the book. Scroll down to meet the authors from Asian Women Who Boss UP.

Meet The Authors From Asian Women Who Boss Up

Didi Wong – CEO of The Yes Academy

Connect With Didi Wong:

(917) 907-1044

Didi Wong is the CEO of The Yes Academy, a results-driven educational mentorship program for entrepreneurs. She was given the highest level award “Women of the Decade for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital” from the Women Economic Forum as well as an award of Achievements, Recognition and Excellence by the National Council of Women from the Egyptian Government. She has also been honored to speak at the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative at the United Nations and she was the resident speaker on the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour 2019.

As a TV Producer, she is the Executive Producer of “In Case you Didn’t Know with Nick Nanton” featuring Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and another TV show “SpeakUP”, both on Amazon Prime Video. She has starred as a guest judge on the #1 Digital business show “Elevator Pitch” as well as a feature documentary on her journey as a speaker called “Impact.”

Mary Dee – Chief Fun Advisor and Catalyst for Joy

Connect With Mary Dee:

(323) 640-0738

Mary Dee is an International Speaker, Author, Philanthropist and Business Advisor specializing in Strategy and Leadership. She will help you gain confidence, spark joy and design your business and personal life around what matters most. For over 20 years she’s been advising clients in the direct sales, coaching, consulting and film production space. She holds a B.A. in Business from Northwood University and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Mary is also a breast cancer survivor. She sits as the Chair of the Board for, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to creating community and support for young women on their own cancer journey. Her story is one of resiliency, hope and living your best life in spite of the curve balls life can throw at you.

Lucy Liu – Business and Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, & Podcast Host of The Lucy Liu Show

Connect With Lucy Liu:

(626) 592-6668

Lucy Liu is a global business strategist and certified life coach helping high achieving women in life transitions unstuck, kiss overwhelm bye, cultivate rockstar confidence, see clarity, reach dream goals, and live joyful fulfilling life!

She is an unshakable optimist, wife, mother, easy-going entrepreneur, certified #IamRemarkable women empowerment workshop facilitator, and international motivational speaker. She also inspires as the host of her weekly podcast The Lucy Liu Show, which is the fueling station for your mind, business and life.

She has been featured in Medium, VoyageLA, Elephant Journal, ThriveGlobal and dozens of other media outlets.

Clare Wimmer – Business and Career Coach

Connect With Clare Wimmer:


Clare Wimmer is a business coach that specializes in career advancement, business communication, and international business consulting. This means working with her clients through the next step of pursuing a more challenging role or helping them work in an international environment. Born in China, raised in America and now living in Germany, she embodies globalization at its best. Trained in sales & marketing on Wall Street.

Clare spent over a decade working in Asia, Europe, and America developing, presenting and selling financial products and software. When she moved to Germany she refocused what she wanted to do with her life and attained an Executive MBA, a certification as an English Teacher and finally trained as CTI Co-Active Coach. These qualifications and her business background provides her with the tools to fully assist my clients in their professional needs.

Marguerita Cheng – CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth

Connect With Marguerita Cheng:

(301) 502-5306

Marguerita (Rita) Cheng helps educate the public, policymakers, and media about the benefits of competent, ethical financial planning. As a Certified Financial Planner® professional and chief executive officer of financial planning & investment advisory firm, Blue Ocean Global Wealth, Rita helps people meet their life goals through the proper management of financial resources. She is passionate about helping them navigate some of life’s most difficult issues—divorce, death, career changes, caring for aging relatives—so they can feel confident and in control of their finances.

Rita is a regular columnist for Investopedia and Kiplinger, and a past spokesperson for the AARP Financial Freedom Campaign. Rita volunteers her time as a SoleMate, or charity runner for Girls on the Run, raising money to win scholarships for girls. She is also a coach for 261Fearless, a global supportive social running network which empowers women to connect and take control of their lives through the freedom gained by running.

Anita Chan – Licensed Esthetician & Owner of ANITA B SPA

Connect With Anita Chan

(415) 990-3308

Anita Chan is the owner of ANITA B SPA in San Francisco. She discovered her passion for beauty, wellness, and health at a very young age of 14. After working in the makeup industry for several years, she soon realized the limitations she was facing with her attempts to create a flawless look on her clients who didn’t take care of their skin, while finding herself struggling with her own acne issues as well. It was then obvious to her that she wanted more than just to cover up her clients, and her own, imperfections but rather, to fix the problem.

After attaining an AA degree in Image Consulting, she designed her own major at San Francisco State University and graduated with a BA degree in special major: Fundamentals of Self-Image (a cross study between: Marketing, Psychology, and Speech Communication). Since earning her license as an aesthetician (2004), she spent 12 years working in luxury spas and medical spas, running a makeup college as school director, and working part-time as a flight attendant for Cathay Pacific Airlines, while also working as an independent esthetician. In 2016, she opened ANITA B SPA and mentored her own team of estheticians. She believes that everybody’s skin is unique to the person and treats each client with education, compassion, and an understanding of the clients individual needs.

Sabrina Runbeck – Founder of , Peak Performance Keynote Speaker, Cardiothoracic Surgery PA, Public Health Practitioner

Connect With Sabrina Runbeck:

(281) 849-4676

Sabrina Runbeck, MPH, MHS, PA-C is a cardiothoracic surgery PA with more than 10 years of experience in public health and neuroscience.

After overcoming burnout and feeling stuck in a career that drained her, she became an International Peak Performance Keynote Speaker to empower ambitious health practice owners to save at least 8 hours of work per month, increase productivity by 30+%, and become respectable in their fields under 60 days without feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, or unfulfilled! That’s why people call her the Queen of Performance and Productivity.

She hosts the Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals Podcast whom has been featured on KevinMD, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, and numerous stages such as Fox, CBS, Screw the Naysayers Podcast, and Live on Purpose Radio.

Cathy Trinh – CEO of Recruiter Hustle, Inc. Author, Leadership
Coach, Addiction Recovery Advocate

Connect With Cathy Trinh:

(714) 376-2178

Cathy Trinh is a Vietnam-born mother, cancer survivor, global speaker, coach and internationally published author. She is also a fierce advocate for domestic violence, mental health, holistic healing and addiction recovery. She has created a socially conscious platform to raise awareness of the urgent need for mental wellness and self-care in corporate America and across the globe. Cathy is the Founder of SoulCare Society, a global women’s empowerment with over 1,900 members and Vice-Chair, Board of Director of Sisters without Borders, a non-profit 501(c)(3) to empower young girls to become leaders within their communities. In addition, Cathy also runs a successful boutique executive search firm connecting financial executives to their next career in Southern California.

She has answered her life’s calling to help others discover their passion and create a joyful life they love and deserve through teaching self-love and slowing down practices her book “The Journey, Mastering the Art of Slowing Down into a Beautiful Existence.

Elizabeth Yang – CEO & Founder of the Law & Mediation Offices of Elizabeth Yang 

Connect With Elizabeth Yang:

(909) 996-5906

Elizabeth Yang (楊安立) has been practicing law since 2007 and specializes in Intellectual Property Law, including Patent, Copyright and Trademark Prosecution and Litigation; Business Law, including corporate entity formation, contract drafting, contract disputes, litigation; Family Law, including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and asset division; and Estate Planning, including establishing wills and trusts. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Elizabeth was admitted to the United States Patent & Trademark office in 2007. At the age of 19, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley in two and a half years. Her IP practice is primarily focused on Intellectual Property litigation at the Federal District and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Elizabeth’s practice also includes complex business litigation, patent prosecution and trademark prosecution.

In 2011, Elizabeth founded Yang & Wang, P.C., a boutique law firm that ultimately gave life to the Law & Mediation Offices of Elizabeth Yang. Prior to starting her own practice, Elizabeth gained extensive experience at various international intellectual property law firms where her practice primarily focused on a variety of technologies, including electronics, hardware, software, variable data printers, fingerprinting sensors, data packet processing, network security systems, microprocessors, and automated telephonic systems along with IP Litigation. She is also experienced in drafting patent validity opinion letters, requests for reexamination, intellectual property licensing agreements and trademark consent agreements.

Elizabeth further has extensive experience dealing with family law issues involving child custody, child support, alimony, asset division, pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements. Being a mother of two young children, she understands and can relate to clients who are also undergoing emotional divorces. She has represented family law clients both efficiently and compassionately at various stages of litigation and trial. Elizabeth earned her mediation certification in 2015 from the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) and has assisted many combative litigants in resolving their issues through mediation and alternate dispute resolution.

Amy Lin – Founder and CEO of the Opulent Academy

Connect With Amy Lin:

Amy Lin is an opulent coach, speaker, and author who helps entrepreneurs to create a quantum leap in both their personal and professional lives. Her passion is helping people to become the best versions of themselves because she has a firm belief that everyone deserves to live an opulent lifestyle. The word opulent means having an abundance of wealth full of richness, in three aspects: materialistically, intellectually, and spiritually.

She attended many personal development events in the pursuit to find out how to tap into her full potential and that’s when she met her current mentor Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor is considered the #1 teacher on success and human potential. She decided to get mentored by Bob so she can share the knowledge and tools with as many people as possible. She then became top 1% of consultants in the world to achieve Bob Proctor’s Inner Circle Member status in the world within six months. After being mentored by Bob for 18 months, she achieved her own quantum leap financially. She turned her annual income of six figures into her monthly income. That’s when she created her own coaching company called The Opulent Academy, a results-based organization with educational programs that focuses on the power of the mind. She teaches people how to tap into their infinite potential so they too can achieve the results they truly desire through a systemic approach and start living an opulent life.

She recently was invited as a speaker to speak at the Best You Expo, the biggest personal development event in the world. She was also featured as a speaker on Amazon Prime Video SpeakUP, sharing her personal journey how she created the quantum leap in her own life following six simple steps. She is also currently working on publishing two books where she will be sharing her journey with the intent to inspire more people to follow their passion and to start living an opulent life.

Liza Millan – CEO & Executive Producer Company: Masterpiece

Connect With Liza Milan:

(408) 410-4415

Originally from Chicago, Liza is a strong single mom who raised her son the best she could to now see him studying diligently at a University pursuing his own journey. Although times were tough growing up, her positivity was the guiding force that led her to follow her dreams and inspire her son to do the same. As the oldest sibling of two families, Liza learned to multi-task efficiently early on in life – a skill that has been vital to her career growth. With an entrepreneurial spirit – she started her first business at 19 providing online travel and ticket services in California. This was a pivotal experience where she learned, first hand, the importance of delivering excellent service with a smile. 

When introduced to this crazy, exciting world of marketing and events, Liza knew, intuitively, that she had found her passion. Throughout her career – she worked with some of the most talented people in the industry, and the journey and knowledge gained is priceless. She never thought for one minute that she would be fortunate to end up in such an energized career.  

In 2012, Liza took the leap and made a decision to start her own event and promotional marketing company. With over 18 years of experience working for some of the Top Fortune 100 companies and brands in the world, Liza managed and produced face to face marketing event experiences internationally. Independently, while managing event productions, she has had exciting opportunities to work with well-known artists and celebrities such as Flo Rida, Journey, and Pretty Lights. She has a wealth of knowledge in developing overall event strategy. 

Liza can provide creative ideas to help build brands while developing and executing industry events and conferences as well as roadshows, sales summits, executive programs and company events. Liza is truly living her passion and it shows in every unique experience created. This is not just a job for her but a calling and her one goal to provide every customer with an above and beyond experience that is catered to their needs, She cares and the events show it.  Liza advises for anyone out there who is thinking about starting their own business: “Don’t be afraid to take risks, never give up on your dreams, and no matter who you’re dealing with – Always autograph your BRAND with excellence.”

Vibha Sharma – Founder, CEO, Bestselling Author, Mindful Leadershipand Spiritual Coach @

Connect With Vibha Sharma:

(408) 306-7447

Vibha Sharma is the Founder and Holistic Spiritual/Metaphysical, Conscious Business and Mindful Leadership Coach at, the Bestselling Author, Vice-President, WICCI (Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Global Goodwill Ambassador at Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA), Global Peace Ambassador, Silicon Valley Women Warriors LeanIn Circle leader, and San Francisco Chapter Chairperson for Mindfulness, ALL (All Ladies League) USA, the world’s largest all-inclusive international women’s chamber and a universal movement for the welfare, wealth, and well-being of all by empowering women leadership.She works with top-performing, High-Achieving Successful Business leaders, helps them deal with stress, limiting beliefs, develop self-awareness, self-compassion, and emotional regulation, by changing the way they function on a deeper level.She guides them into their holistic journey of self-discovery and conscious living, helps them rise above the mental chaos, unrest, and noise to a natural state of calm, clarity, and well-being.

Vibha brings the transformational power of Holistic Spiritual and Metaphysical Life Coaching, Conscious Business/Mindful Leadership Coaching, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Coaching, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Sessions, Customized Guided Meditation Sessions, and Mindfulness Workshops to private individuals, corporate organizations and schools.She just published her first book called ‘Turn within- Reconnect with your inner peace and well-being’ on the importance of meditation. This book will serve the purpose of spreading awareness regarding meditation and the importance of connecting from within. Readers will be able to realize that spirituality is pretty straightforward and practical, as well as it can be easily adapted in our everyday life.

She was recently featured on FOX NEWS and NBC and also nominated and featured in ‘America’s Best Coaches’ magazine along with Tony Robbins and other top coaches in the country.

Jessica Han – CEO of, Director of Expansion at Virtue Financial,Sound Meditation Practitioner

Connect With Jessica Han:

(619) 786-1678

J. Han, a first-generation Korean-American woman, was raised as an only child in San Diego, CA by two power house ladies, her mom, Jeong Min, and grandma Kyung Suk. She grew up embracing her Korean culture by loving Korean food and speaking Korean. J. Han’s hard work ethic, resilience, faith in God, and love of service has been influenced by her mom. Jeong Min, at age 19 immigrated to the United States of America by herself to study and bring her two younger sisters and parents to the states. 

In order to sustain herself, she became an entrepreneur by selling walkmans and radios in front of a gas station in Compton, CA. Then she started to sell clothes at swap meets and opened her first 2 stores in LA. In 1998, we moved to San Diego and opened the first Closet in Pacific Beach. J. Han attended the University of Hawai’i and studied abroad in Gold Coast, Australia and received a BS in Apparel Product Design & Merchandising. Her last year in Hawai’i she played roller derby and tore her PCL which then led her to become an aerial silks performer. After graduating, J. Han moved back to San Diego and started operating 13 Closet stores. Being a business owner comes with obstacles and challenges that have now become wisdom and knowledge. Now, there is one Closet store in Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA and an online shop, 

While the stores were closed for 2 months during Covid-19, J. Han started shifting careers and now offers financial education by helping families prepare for their future. J. Han is committed to guiding people to inner peace and freedom through the work of Landmark as an Introduction Leader and through facilitating guided meditations with her crystal singing bowls. Every morning she thanks God for a brand new day to create and play and for her loved ones. She ends the day writing three gratitudes calling it the Gratitude Attitude practice.

Samantha Mui – Culinary blogger & Cookbook Author of Melting Pot

Connect With Samantha Mui:

(650) 576-6280

Samantha Mui is a Bay Area native. A former culinary student and currently a food blogger, she has worked in and out of the food industry for more than a decade and is the author of the cookbook Melting Pot, a #1 New Release on Amazon. Her cookbook is sold locally in the Bay Area and in major retailers like Target and Barnes and Noble. Her cooking style is inspired by her travels abroad, where she has experienced culture through cuisine. Her passion is to “empower millennials in the kitchen.” She has been a guest on the Bay Area TV show Check, Please! See what she’s cooking up next on her blog or on social media.

Vivian De Guzman – CEO & Master Healer of Transformational Wellness International, Inc.

Connect With Vivian De Guzman:

(714) 878-3142

#1 Money Magnet Activator, Human MRI, TV host of “My Spiritual Money Rx” and “My Spiritual GPS.”

Vivian S. De Guzman is an international best selling author, speaker, and founder of Transformational Wellness Academy and known as Human MRI.  She is a fast transformational catalyst, licensed physical therapist and medical intuitive. She’s been an entrepreneur since the age of 21, starting and selling two businesses while working full-time as a physical therapist while being a mother to four children.  In Dec. 2013 she stepped into her soul purpose and mission of transforming people’s lives and making them a money magnet by “seeing” their obstacles in the past, present and future. Vivian uses energy clearing to help individual clients, CEOs and companies improve their lives by clearing invisible negative energies so that money and relationship flow easily and effortlessly in your life and business.

Denise Michelle Waling – CEO, Self Love Expert & creator of HypnoHealing at Bridge The Love

Connect With Denise Michelle Waling:


Denise Michelle is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist, creator of HypnoHealing®, Think and Grow Rich Instructor and Self Love Expert with a background in the healing arts and spiritual entrepreneurship.

Denise Michelle’s path began nearly 20 years ago being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. She has dedicated her life in self mastery overcoming the illness, along with suicidal depression, anxiety, addiction, sexual abuse, domestic abuse and is on a mission to help be the change in the world.

Denise Michelle began her journey in spiritual entrepreneurship as a certified yoga/meditation teacher and yoga studio owner in Los Angeles, which led her to she went on to leading international and domestic workshops and retreats. She went on to study various healing modalities including massage therapy, reiki healing, sound healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) eventually landing in her life’s mission in service as a transformational Life Coach and master healer utilizing Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy.

She is an award winning international speaker, published writer and has been a guest on several international podcasts.She dedicates her deep connection with spirit and self love education to help entrepreneurs, influencers and team leaders in their path to serve.Denise Michelle has learned that living a vision driven life is the ultimate practice of SelfLove, the place where dreams come alive and transformation is made.

Annie Hardock – “Children Virtual Education Expert. Speaker. Author.

Connect With Annie Hardock:

+1 416-529-6686

Watching her parents struggle financially to raise their family of 11, Annie knew, from a young age, that education and personal development was the key to financial freedom. It’s a lesson that’s served Annie well, and that she continues to pass on to others as an educator and entrepreneur.

Annie arrived in Canada from Hong Kong in 1980, and pursued her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. After successfully starting a systems consulting company serving the financial industry in the early-90s and a home-based online business in the mid-90s, Annie spearheaded a successful networking group in 1998 that is now in its second decade of existence.In 2010, Annie’s drive also resulted in the birth of a mathematics-based child learning center. Today, this center is a thriving hub of online learning in the COVID era thanks to Annie’s vision.

Annie has expanded her gift for networking to create the United Networks for Growth, connecting businesses all over the world. And this—this desire to help people realize their full potential—is the cohesive thread that runs through all of Annie’s invariably successful ventures.

Sheena Yap Chan – Keynote speaker, coach, author and podcaster on building self confidence

Connect With Sheena Yap Chan:

(416) 820-0239

Sheena Yap Chan is a keynote speaker, coach, podcaster, consultant, and author on building self-confidence. She currently inspires women through her highly successful podcast called The Tao of Self Confidence where she interviews Asian women about their inner journey to self-confidence.

Her mission is to help Asian Women boost their confidence to live their authentic selves, help Asian Women create a voice in the world, and create a stronger representation for Asian women. Sheena has been featured on MindValley,, Marketing in Asia, Manila Times and more. She is also the TOP 100 Filipinos to follow on LinkedIn for inspiration and learning in 2020.

So now you got to know a little bit more about each Asian Woman bossing up. You can support us by buying a copy of the book.

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