Why Your Mistakes Are Your Greatest Opportunities

Why Your Mistakes Are Your Greatest Opportunities

Are you afraid of making mistakes?

You are so afraid that you end up not taking any action in your life because you fear of getting ridiculed or getting judged by others for the mistakes you’ve made in your life.

I know what you are going through because I used to be the same way.

In school, it was bad to make a mistake. Heck I failed kindergarten for coloring outside the lines because my teacher told me it was a mistake to do that.

At work, my boss would make me feel so bad every time I made a mistake like it was the end of the world.

It made me feel really bad about myself to the point that I would stop taking action in my life for fear of making mistakes.

My fear of making mistakes was running my life. I would overthink and overanalyze about the mistakes that I haven’t even made yet but would stop me from taking the next step.

But I realized that mistakes are what gives us our greatest opportunities we have today.

A great story I want to share with you is my podcast. As you may or may not know, I host a podcast called The Tao of Self Confidence where I interview women about their struggles of self confidence and how they are able to overcome them to live the life by their design.

When I first decided to start a podcast, I had a different name for it. I wanted to call it The Stripper because my tag line was to strip away all of your self limiting beliefs.

I thought it was the best idea I ever had. I even hired someone to create the podcast art with a silhouette of a woman standing with a whip on one hand.

When I decided to share this idea with a podcast group that I am in, I was told how bad the idea was and that I was going to attract the wrong audience.

I was about to quit thinking that I wasn’t worthy enough to start this podcast. The podcast group encouraged me to keep on going because they understood my purpose but the name was terrible. As I look back at this moment, I can now laugh at how bad that idea was.

So I would search on iTunes to find podcast names that would work. I knew that “The Tao” was something that I wanted as part of the name.

Then one of my closest friends who is a spiritual coach helped me as well pick out a name that would work for the podcast. She mentioned that a word starting with “C” will be a positive outcome of the podcast.

As both of us start looking for names that started with a “C”, it was so funny how confidence was right in front of our faces and didn’t even realize it. That was when the name “The Tao of Self Confidence” was created.

I hired the same person to redo the artwork with the new name and new photo. I shared it with my podcast group again and they all loved it!

And from then on I have been able to…

  • Have over 400,000 downloads on my podcast
  • Interviewed over 350 women from different parts of the world
  • Having the honor of being able to contribute my words to Finerminds
  • Be featured on other interviews, print work and workshops

So if I didn’t make that mistake, I wouldn’t be here today writing to you about the mistakes I made.

Here’s the thing about making mistakes.

Sometimes you know the actions you take will result in a mistake or maybe it might not result in a mistake but if you don’t make the mistake you will always be wondering “what if.”

“What if it does work out for me?”

“What if this is the path that I am supposed to make?”

You will never know unless you take action and make some mistakes along the way.

And it takes confidence to go out there to make mistakes in our life and to be okay with them. I have learned to appreciate them because if it wasn’t for my mistakes, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So if you are reading this, have the courage and confidence to make mistakes because your mistakes will give you your greatest opportunities.

Feel free to share some of the mistakes you have made that has led you to your greatest opportunities.

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